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Network Assessment

Assess your professional network and learn how you can improve it to advance your career.

Time Management

Learn how to better allocate your time to achieve your professional goals.

Motivational Style

Learn the science of motivation so you can drive yourself and others to success.

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About GLeaM GLeaM is a research and education initiative that aims to disseminate, collect and create information on leadership. The GLeaM website will provide individual assessments and advice across an expanding matrix of leadership qualities by continuously launching free online tools and videos. Our goal is to help you become a better leader and advance your career, and in the process we aim to produce cutting-edge research on leadership.

The anonymous data from your responses will enable this research to be carried out by a team of distinguished faculty from Columbia's Business School, Sociology Department, and Psychology Department. This research will be published in academic journals and will inform additional tools and content on the GLeaM website. The current beta website offers network assessment, motivational style, and time management tools. Check back for more leadership tools, videos, and other content soon. Learn More >